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This site is our main access point and serves as an information site and Portal Site to the HeartLifeTalk Blog (under construction) and the HeartLifeTalk Forums, our main site. Additional portal links coming soon.
We are not an alternate to any other forum or discussion board. We stand alone. The idea to start a new forum was the idea of 7-8 individuals in May-June 2012. They wanted a safe site where they could post personal information without fear of ridicule, where they could feel they were among friends, and where topics could be explored fully without being subjected to thread-busting found on other forums.
Respect for other's opinions and views were mentioned often. Most of all they wanted a moderated forum. Yes, we have moderators. So, with the support of the founding members HeartLifeTalk Forums began. Oh, it seemed easy at the time but it involved more hours than could have been imagined. We had a few bumps but managed to solve them.  It has been a surprising success story!  

We are young! We are growing! No one view or approach to heart health is espoused. We are a collection of views and approaches to heart health. We are membership driven - a friendly, respectful community of folk seeing to better their health.
Welcome to!


HeartLifeTalk Forums Registration

All new registrations require email verification and admin approval (usually the same day)  We used to be open access but were plagued by spammers.  We trust you understand.


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Although HeartLifeTalk Forums does not have membership fees or advertising it has become clear that the daily site operations and maintenance is not free in terms of time and money. We will keep our pledge of no membership fees or advertising on HeartLifeTalk Forums but will accept Sponsor Ads and other advertising on the portal site (this site) and on the new HeartLifeTalk Blog (coming soon). Sponsor Ads will appear on both this Portal and the Blog, so support our sponsors! 

What some of our new members say...

  "Objective skepticism with good forum etiquette drew me here. Plenty of cutting edge ideas with fantastic presentation keeps me here."
  "Lot's to learn here, so dig in!"
  "One of the best features of HeartLifeTalk is open-minded exchanges of various point of views."
  "A friend just brought this forum to my attention. I like the concept a lot."
  "Nice forum you got here."
  "This is a life-changing forum. 1st in class. Thank you for a supreme effort on the behalf of all of us who contribute and read."